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È (E and accent grave)
É (E and accent acute)
Ê (E and circumflex)
Ë (E and umlaut)
Ì (I and accent grave)
Í (I and accent acute)
Î (I and circumflex)
Ï (I and umlaut)
Ð (uppercase thon [looks like a D with a line through it])
Ñ (N and tilde)
Ò (O and accent grave)
Ó (O and accent acute)
Ô (O and circumflex)
Õ (O and tilde)
Ö (O and umlaut)
× (multiplication sign)
Ø (O and slash)
Ù (U and accent grave)
Ú (U and accent acute)
Û (U and circumflex)
Ü (U and umlaut)
Ý (Y and accent acute)
Þ (looks like a sideways tongue sticking out)
ß (German thingy for double s that looks like a big B)
à (a and accent grave)
á (a and accent acute)
â (a and circumflex)
ã (a and tilde)
ä (a and umlaut)
å (a and little ring)
æ (a and e ligature)
ç (c and cedilla)
è (e and accent grave)
é (e and accent acute)
ê (e and circumflex)
ë (e and umlaut)
ì (i and accent grave)
í (i and accent acute)
î (i and circumflex)
ï (i and umlaut)
ð (lowercase thon, looks like a d with a cross on top, sort of flopping over)
ñ (n and tilde)
ò (o and accent grave)
ó (o and accent acute)
ô (o and circumflex)
õ (o and tilde)
ö (o and umlaut)
÷ (division sign)
ø (o and slash)
ù (u and accent grave)
ú (u and accent acute)
û (u and circumflex)
ü (u and umlaut)
ý (y and accent acute)
þ (big thing that looks like tongue out)
ÿ (y and umlaut)
Ā (A and macron)
ā (a and macron)
Ă (A and short vowel sign)
ă (a and short vowel sign)
Ą (A and cedilla)
ą (a and cedilla)
Ć (C and accent acute)
ć (c and accent acute)
Ĉ (C and circumflex)
ĉ (c and circumflex)
Ċ (C and dot)
ċ (c and dot)
Č (C and caret)
č (c and caret)
Ď (D and caret)
ď (d and apostrophe)
Đ (uppercase thon)
đ (rigid lowercase thon)
Ē (E and macron)
ē (e and macron)
Ĕ (E and short vowel sign)
ĕ (e and short vowel sign)
Ė (E and dot)
ė (e and dot)
Ę (E and cedilla)
ę (e and cedilla)
Ě (E and caret)
ě (e and caret)
Ĝ (G and circumflex)
ĝ (g and circumflex)
Ğ (G and short vowel sign)
ğ (g and short vowel sign)
Ġ (G and dot)
ġ (g and dot)
Ģ (G and cedilla)
ģ (g and accent acute)
Ĥ (H and circumflex)
ĥ (h and circumflex)
Ħ (H and line through it)
ħ (h and line through it)
Ĩ (I and tilde)
ĩ (i and tilde)
Ī (I and macron)
ī (i and macron)
Ĭ (I and short vowel sign)
ĭ (i and short vowel sign)
Į (I and cedilla)
į (i and cedilla)
İ (I and dot)
ı (i minus dot)
ij (ij)
Ĵ (J and circumflex)
ĵ (j and circumflex)
Ķ (K and cedilla)
ķ (k and cedilla)
ĸ (small K)
Ĺ (L and accent acute)
ĺ (l and accent acute)
Ļ (L and cedilla)
ļ (l and cedilla)
Ľ (L and apostrophe)
ľ (l and apostrophe)
Ŀ (L and dot to right)
ŀ (l and dot to right)
Ł (L and slash)
ł (l and slash)
Ń (N and accent acute)
ń (n and accent acute)
Ņ (N and cedilla)
ņ (n and cedilla)
Ň (N and short vowel sign)
ň (n and short vowel sign)
ʼn (apostrophe and n)
Ŋ (N and J combined)
ŋ (n and j combined)
Ō (O and macron)
ō (o and macron)
Ŏ (O and short vowel sign)
ŏ (o and short vowel sign)
Ő (O and slanted umlaut)
ő (o and slanted umlaut)
Π(O and E ligature)
œ (o and e ligature)
Ŕ (R and accent acute)
ŕ (r and accent acute)
Ŗ (R and cedilla)
ŗ (r and cedilla)
Ř (R and caret)
ř (r and caret)
Ś (S and accent acute)
ś (s and accent acute)
Ŝ (S and circumflex)
ŝ (s and circumflex)
Ş (S and cedilla)
ş (s and cedilla)
Š (S and caret)
š (s and caret)
Ţ (T and cedilla)
ţ (t and cedilla)
Ť (T and caret)
ť (t and apostrophe)
Ŧ (T with line through it)
ŧ (t with line through it)
Ũ (U and tilde)
ũ (u and tilde)
Ū (U and macron)
ū (u and macron)
Ŭ (U and short vowel sign)
ŭ (u and short vowel sign)
Ů (U and ring)
ů (u and ring)
Ű (U and slanted umlaut)
ű (u and slanted umlaut)
Ų (U and cedilla)
ų (u and cedilla)
Ŵ (W and circumflex)
ŵ (w and circumflex)
Ŷ (Y and circumflex)
ŷ (y and circumflex)
Ÿ (Y and umlaut)
Ź (Z and accent acute)
ź (z and accent acute)
Ż (Z and dot)
ż (z and dot)
Ž (Z and caret)
ž (z and caret)
ſ (little cane)
Remainder unknown: